DAY ONE-HUNDRED-SEVENTY-TWO: Performing at the Tea Party

mY3YtAULast night I performed for a gathering of the Midcoast Tea Party. I suppose we need to a better job homeschooling our children, since when my son, Jordan, heard about the gig he reminded me that I don’t even like tea.

To his credit, he joined the conversation halfway through.

As one of the presenters during the evening commented, the people in the Tea Party weren’t nearly as scary as the media would have you believe. People were very kind and quite concerned about the direction this country is headed.

I tried to add what I could to their efforts by singing songs about throwing up beside the road and an obsession with egg foo yung.

I am very busy with gigs cropping up every few days or so. I’m very thankful for this. It’s helping me gain exposure and funding for the April 29 exodus on the Spokes and Jokes Tour.

Plus, I have already started booking places to stay and performances for the first two weeks of the actual trip. Thankfully, because of the generosity of others, I have people’s homes to stay in for almost half of the first two weeks so far, and it’s something I’ve only been trying to arrange for 4 days now.

I’m still looking for a place to stay around Greene, Maine, Southern NY and/or Northern Connecticut. Do you know anyone in those areas who won’t kill us in our sleep?

Thank you for your help.


DAY EIGHTY-TWO: (I’ll Be) Everywhere

Finally got my hands on a road atlas of the United States last night.

I divided up the trip to Texas pretty equally among 12 weeks to get an idea of about where I’ll be each Friday. This part of the planning allows me to solicit standup gigs for the end of each week. Once done and confirmed, we’ll be able to have a better idea of where we’ll be during the weeks, should we wish to do some comedy shows during weekdays, too.

This list of possible destinations is exciting to consider. Hard to imagine I’ll be riding my bike to all of these locations!

WEEK ONE : Concord, NH

WEEK TWO : Waterbury, CT

WEEK THREE : Philadelphia, PN

WEEK FOUR : Hagerstown, MD

WEEK FIVE : Charlottesville, VA

WEEK SIX : Johnson City, TN

WEEK SEVEN : Knoxville, TN

WEEK EIGHT : Nashville, TN

WEEK NINE : Memphis, TN

WEEK TEN : Little Rock, AK

WEEK ELEVEN : Texarkana, AK

WEEK TWELVE : Rockwall, TX