DAY ONE-HUNDRED-FORTY-NINE: Looking for a Camper

summerland2300We are getting deep into planning, and this endeavor requires much of it.

One of the most important needs we have is the use of a camper for all of May, June and the first half of July of 2013.

We would be pulling this camper behind a truck and living and cooking in it each day for the complete 10-11 week tour. It would find its way to Texas with us and back to Maine when the tour is complete.

Do you know any individual or business that might have such a camper that they would be pleased to loan us? Our budget for this trip does not make provision for such a purchase, but I’m hoping someone might have one available that we could use for the tour.

You might be pleased to know that we practice good hygiene and would make sure the unit was in at least as good condition when it’s returned as when we got it.