What is Spokes and Jokes?

Spokes and Jokes is an active attempt by Chris Quimby to create an adventure and a future while seeking God’s will. Not content to sit back and settle, comedian Chris Quimby decided to assemble all of his gifts, opportunities and desires to head in a direction, hoping that God would provide and direct once the initial steps were taken.

There is no end game for Spokes and Jokes. It is the beginning of a journey during which Chris will plan for leaving, then cycle from Maine to Texas, performing standup comedy in venues along the way. It is unclear where that may lead.

The idea was generated from a consideration of the following factors.

1. He had severed employment with his full-time employer of 11 years. He was now missing a paycheck, but gained a lot of flexibility with his time.

2. He needs to make money, likely while doing something he has the ability to do well and enjoys.

3. He has a heart for ministry, specifically Christian discipleship.

4. He has enjoyed uncommon success in the past in a standup comedy hobby that he never embraced, nor put a lot of thought nor effort into.

5. He is a graphic designer and has the ability to market his idea.

6. He does not have unmanageable debt.

7. He loves people, loves meeting people and loves learning about people’s hurts, struggles, and loves to offer encouragement.

8. He loves to bike.

9. He was encouraged to put more effort into marketing and performing his comedy by a man from Texas last summer (the man whose home he will bike to).

10. He believes we need to trust God more and in more ways. He has heard too many people in dead-end, unrewarding jobs that would rather be making a difference, but seem scared to take chances or are too overextended in debt to have the flexibility. He wants to offer encouragement to those people to plan and pray towards being where God might rather have them.

Chris’s conviction is that whether spiritually, vocationally, relationally, financially and or in many other ways, we settle because we’re scared. God is big and powerful and loving. He has done things in Chris’s life he once determined to be impossible, and he is anxious to share that story of hope with other people while making them laugh along the way.

The events of planning and executing the trip will be cataloged by writing and video in hopes of an eventual book and documentary.

Please check back often to enjoy the progress of this pursuit of adventure.


2 thoughts on “What is Spokes and Jokes?

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