DAY ONE-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-SIX: Small Worlds and Funny Stories

greenI’ve been looking for places to stay and perform for the first couple of weeks of the trip. It’s been going well. Only three more days to arrange now and we’re all set for the first 25% of the Spokes and Jokes adventure.

Yesterday, I searched for housing for the first day of the trip, during which I will end up around Greene, Maine. I found a couple of churches there and the photo on one of the church’s websites showed a youth leader that looked a lot like a man I work with at the Kennebec Journal. I emailed him, making no mention that I thought we might work together, but making my request for lodging.

It was confirmed by a coworker that morning that the man who ministered at the church was a man who is among about thirty that works in the same office that I do.

Later in the afternoon, I got an email from him saying it would be fine if we stayed at his place.

I responded by saying, “You know what’s funny and what I’ve come to learn since I emailed you this morning? We are both in the same room right now. I work in the graphics department at the KJ.”

He responded that he thought he had heard my name before and that he thought it was “awesomely funny”.

It was. I’m enjoying all of these unique personal interactions as this trip comes together.


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