DAY ONE-HUNDRED-SEVENTY-EIGHT: Grace Evangelical College and Seminary

index~~element15Last night I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at a chapel service at Grace Evangelical College and Seminary in Bangor.

I have taken a couple of classes there during the last year, and they have helped me sort out my thinking about how to proceed into the next season of my life.

I did a little comedy at the beginning, but mostly it was an opportunity to share my testimony of learning how to determine God’s will for my life. I also explained how I came up with the idea for Spokes and Jokes and solicited prayers. When I was done, Dr. Smith placed his right hand on my left shoulder and prayed out loud for God’s blessing on this adventure.

Attendance was light, with only about a dozen people including me and Heather, but it was a nice exercise in speaking before a small crowd, which is actually much different and harder for me than a large crowd. It’s more intimate and can be, therefor, more intimidating.

This was a nice bit of practice for me in working out how to be entertaining, but also inspiring and encouraging at the same time.

Thank you to the people at Grace Evangelical who invited me to come and speak.


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