meLulJMThe reports of the death of Spokes and Jokes have been greatly exaggerated.

Heather just suggested a modified plan that has us leave in May and just do two months, still biking to Texas, but me manning up by biking about 60 miles per day instead of 30-40. This will allow us to reduce our food and lodging budgets.

So far, with modifications, the budget for this trip has dropped from just over $11,000 to just over $3,000.

That’s progress.

Here are the present hurdles we must address.

1. Finding a truck and camper we can take on the trip (donated, hopefully).

2 Getting the gigs. Kind of important. I don’t think it will be hard, but we need to get on it.

3. Finding a trustworthy person to house sit for us. We actually have a plan for this, but need to flesh it out.

4. Finding out how to raise just over $3,000 in 4 months.

I will be doing a lot of shows in the next few months in Maine. Why don’t you speak to someone at your church about having me? It costs you nothing. Just let me take an offering there for my performance.

Finally, thank you to those of you who have asked me how the trip planning is coming even through my absence of blogging. You are helping to keep my faith in this adventure alive!


DAY ONE-HUNDRED-EIGHT: It’s Not Looking Good

signI’ll be uncharacteristically brief. I am at a difficult point in planning this trip and there’s not a lot of reasonable justification to assume it will happen as expected.

I have bills, and I need money to pay them (that’s how it works).

I need to find suitable work to take care of my financial responsibilities until the September 2013 exodus, plus save up for trip expenses.

It’s not looking good.

However, I still have a few ideas and I keep getting encouragement from people.

What would be the hardest to take is that I’m trying to push this encouraging message of following your uniquenesses and desires (if they are respectable desires) and not follow the world’s template for how to get by.

But I am doing just exactly that in order to meet the demands of life. The irony is hard to escape.

However, I serve the God of the impossible and, while He may not determine this trip to be something that should happen, He would be the only one to work out the details in such a way that all I could do is stare in amazement with my mouth wide open.

His ways are higher than my ways.

I do not want this to become an idol, though. I don’t want to be depressed if it doesn’t happen. I’ve told the children to prepare for the possibility of not being able to go and to pray for some kind of solution.

Make no mistake, though, if we can’t go when we expected, or if we can’t go at all, I still plan on hitting Maine and surrounding areas hard with comedy, writing new material and performing clean and enjoyable standup and music for all interested general audiences.

I guess that really wasn’t brief.