DAY EIGHTY: Reaching Out

Yesterday I reached out to John Acuff of, his comedic blog. I’d read it a few times in the past and enjoyed it, but haven’t lately simply because I haven’t.

I thought I might be able to reach some of the North American Christian audience to help book gigs and grow exposure to the tour through his readership.

Interesting, once I arrived on the website, to the the following video promoting his book, Quitter. It seems like we both have similar passions to break out of the molds that cubicles and personality-stealing jobs encourage.

I haven’t heard back from him yet. I assume I either will or won’t. That seems like a safe prediction. I’d like to at least post a guest blog on his site.

Also, I reached out to the Kendrick Brothers. Christians might know them as the producers of Courageous, Fireproof and other Christian movies. I wondered if they might have interest in filing the trip as a documentary or a reality show. Just a few thoughts. Never hurts to ask and I’d like to throw all of the possibilities on the table. It’s a neat story and could have broader appeal if I could find the right storyteller.


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