DAY EIGHTY-TWO: (I’ll Be) Everywhere

Finally got my hands on a road atlas of the United States last night.

I divided up the trip to Texas pretty equally among 12 weeks to get an idea of about where I’ll be each Friday. This part of the planning allows me to solicit standup gigs for the end of each week. Once done and confirmed, we’ll be able to have a better idea of where we’ll be during the weeks, should we wish to do some comedy shows during weekdays, too.

This list of possible destinations is exciting to consider. Hard to imagine I’ll be riding my bike to all of these locations!

WEEK ONE : Concord, NH

WEEK TWO : Waterbury, CT

WEEK THREE : Philadelphia, PN

WEEK FOUR : Hagerstown, MD

WEEK FIVE : Charlottesville, VA

WEEK SIX : Johnson City, TN

WEEK SEVEN : Knoxville, TN

WEEK EIGHT : Nashville, TN

WEEK NINE : Memphis, TN

WEEK TEN : Little Rock, AK

WEEK ELEVEN : Texarkana, AK

WEEK TWELVE : Rockwall, TX


DAY EIGHTY-ONE: Bob Goff Called Me Back!

You might have read this post from awhile ago in which I thanked Bob Goff for recording his episodes of whimsey in his own life and encouraging me to live a unique life unconstrained by perceived cultural expectations.

He posts his phone number in the back of the book, and is known to answer it or call back when you contact him.

I wanted to reach out to the man to thank him for his book and also to tell him about the Spokes and Jokes Tour.

Last Wednesday I tried him, but got his answering machine.

On Tuesday of this week, though, he called back and we spoke for about 5 minutes.

That was pretty cool. Strangely, I wasn’t nervous at all. It felt like I was just speaking to another person.

I was.

DAY EIGHTY: Reaching Out

Yesterday I reached out to John Acuff of, his comedic blog. I’d read it a few times in the past and enjoyed it, but haven’t lately simply because I haven’t.

I thought I might be able to reach some of the North American Christian audience to help book gigs and grow exposure to the tour through his readership.

Interesting, once I arrived on the website, to the the following video promoting his book, Quitter. It seems like we both have similar passions to break out of the molds that cubicles and personality-stealing jobs encourage.

I haven’t heard back from him yet. I assume I either will or won’t. That seems like a safe prediction. I’d like to at least post a guest blog on his site.

Also, I reached out to the Kendrick Brothers. Christians might know them as the producers of Courageous, Fireproof and other Christian movies. I wondered if they might have interest in filing the trip as a documentary or a reality show. Just a few thoughts. Never hurts to ask and I’d like to throw all of the possibilities on the table. It’s a neat story and could have broader appeal if I could find the right storyteller.

DAY SEVENTY-NINE: Spokes and Jokes, Stop One

The in-state pretour gigs have begun, and the first one was a smashing success!

Thank you to every one of the about 70 people who came out to Camp Fair Haven on Saturday evening, November 3. Thank you also to some of the ladies at camp who voluntarily provided food and drinks. Thank you also to Doug Nye, who performed admirably to open up the show and who helped me prepare the sound equipment.

Listen. This is going well. I’m very pleased.

I got so many comments that people had a great time and laughed a lot. Usually, it’s hard to gauge the crowd response onstage, but I heard lots of laughter, and that was kind of the goal, so I’m pleased.

We are already working on arranging another show there, probably for sometime in January. I’ve learned a no shortage of people that wanted to come to this one, but couldn’t. I think we can fill this place up in January.

A special thank you goes out to my family. My wife, Heather; son, Jordan and daughter, Emma all helped out during the day prior to the show and dealt with me being stressed out all day.

I’ve finally taken people’s advice and agreed that the strength of my performances is the song parodies. I marched out some new ones, my favorite of which is the The Columbus Day Song, my favorite line of which is a tongue-twister, but I was able to pull off without spraining my tongue.

There’s much more to say, but I’ll save it for other posts. Thanks for checking in.

Oh, and this. Do you know of a church that would like some funny, clean entertainment? It’s this easy:

1. It will cost the church NOTHING.

2. Admission is FREE.

All I ask for is the opportunity to make you laugh for about one hour, present what Spokes and Jokes is all about, then to make an appeal for donations.

That’s it. Please email me at to book your engagement before it’s too late. We’re leaving the state on September 2, 2013.